Welcome to Mark R. Harris, Bassist Extraordinaire!

Bigger Picture

Mark Harris and Paul Messina, 14 original tracks composed by Mark. Cool Jazz tunes, great instrumental performances, including the tune "Braziliant", featured in the internet program "Saving Bernie".   


Here's "Braziliant" by Mark Harris

Just Dance

This is a "top tracks" link for many of tyhe songs featured on The Bigger Picture CD.


Mark wrote this tune to evoke that beautiful South Florida getaway mood! Tired of winter? Groove on this!! 

Brand New Gretsch Guitar

Bobby Lebel Orchestra featuring Mark Harris on bass - swinging' baby!

The Mind Orchestra - "Moonlight"

Mark on fretless, from 2013, a great example of an internet recording, where none of the  band members have ever even seen each other! Contact Mark for this type of reasonably priced service, whether fretted, fretless or upright bass recorded in ProTools on a Mac.

The Lennon Brothers Train

From 1994, this was a production for the Lawrence Welk Show! That upright bass swings baby!

Mark Buselli Trumpet Solo

Check out this burning solo by Mark Buselli, professor of music at Indiana university, from 1993, Mark on upright bass

I'll Go Home

This is a great band from the Cayman Islands. Mark on 7-string custom-made-for-Mark Conklin bass guitar.

Ellie's Tune

Written by Mark for his beautiful daughter Ellie, just because ...

I CaN't help it if i'm still in love with you

An arrangement of the Hank Williams classic with Noel Eskew 's stunningly beautiful vocals